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Rolandinsh.com is freelancer’s Rolands Umbrovskis English blog about travel, freelance and small-middle size business posts, photos and food.

Project idea incubator

This is my sandbox or how in modern world it’s called – project idea incubator. Here I test some of “what if I could…“.So I keep writing until my sandbox is too small, and need to build something bigger – new standalone project.

Some things turning to projects, some don’t.

Out of this blogs, into new project

When things working well, there is time to implement them into real life. Two of them are live: MYSTYLeART.com (fashion and lifestyle) and SimpleMediaCode.info (web development blog of Simple media Code).

Still incubating…

Currently Freelancer’s blog and Travelblog are incubating…

Author rolandinsh.
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