Latvian Startup association’s launch event (photo gallery) – #STARTinLATVIA +video

On March 9th I visited Latvian Startup association‘s launch event in TechHub Riga. I guess that was one of first bigger events I visited after returning from Odense.

Latvian Startup association

Latvian Startup association is Latvian startup community. United around common values, association speak in one voice. Latvian Startup association is about to promote Latvian startup scene, connect it to the world, represent its interests, foster mutual respect and promote understanding about startups in Latvia.

I will not lie and will say that something like that I was looking for in Denmark. Scale of start-up events in Odense wasn’t enough, but to go to other cities… too far for studying student. Year ago I visited co-working place in Odense. It was fun and nice too. But I wouldn’t say that I know startups in Denmark.

TechHub Riga is place and community I am familiar with and sI am still working with start-ups. Maybe sooner or later I’ll join one too.

Now, after returning to Latvia, i look at start-up world from different angle.


Event’s gallery page on facebook.


Video from

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Gears of Latvian Startup association’s launch event (photo gallery) – #STARTinLATVIA +video

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