Social activism! NGO and blogging in Latvia.

To be social active! With all Internet development in Latvia, some days ago I trough about meaning of “social activism“. If it would be connected with Internet, we could say it means to post comments on blogs and about happenings around (for example, in news). It become more easier when You have Your own blog.

Social Activism

In that case people can spread their attitude and/or opinion. It can be done alone or cooperating, for example, get involved in some non-governmental organization (NGO), like creative group MYSTYLe art or some other. In Internet it`s like separated community. There is fewer Internet accessibility, but activities are more cruel about information, because Internet let You save anonymity, but out-of-Internet, people have to identify yourself with your own words. I have very often answer on questions like “Why You are in this (MYSTYLe art) organization” or any other non-profit project. Answer is simple: I like what I’m doing. NGO’s are using blog(~s) as a tool and communication channel in the same time. I’m so happy, when I see that some organization is using blog as report of activity. Right now in my RSS reader are some feeds from other organizations blog posts. Currently it’s just official information, which appears as copy-paste of press releases or description of projects (summary or full). Hope, that in near future I’ll coax MYSTYLe art to write in blog style :P It’s in process for now (like out web). From other latvian NGO’s I liked JASMA activities in, where they have blog. Of course, it’s as well little bit formal, but at least looks more sprightly.

Another project with youth participation is “jaunieši vēro” (youth is watching), where they have blog on For me it look like journal more, than blog (*?). Content, at least for me, is little bit boring, because it’s oriented to regional youth and local municipality, where youth are watching how they are working. But posts are more alive and emotional as others which I have saw.In posts youngsters are writing from what deputy were eating in lunch till evaluation of pappier work. Something similar had LJP with Saeima (Parliament of Latvia) where young people, most under 21, were judged speech of MP’s.

PS This is not direct translation of my post in latvian. This short version adapted for English blog.

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