Tesla test drive in Odense (video)

End of May, between my exams here in Odense (Denmark), I was asked if I want to take part in the Tesla test drive. As You can guess, the answer was clear – Yes!

Tesla Model S P85D Odense

With Kostas and Evka

and with Kostas

Tesla test drive

I did not drive myself, because I had no feeling for that. And I am more used to manual gear box :)

Image data
title: Tesla Model S P85D Odense
camera: GoPro HERO4 Silver
ISO: 101
aperture: 2.8
Exposure Time: 16666/1000000
focal length: 3
shutter speed: 0.016666
created: 2015-05-27 10:37:31
credit: Rolands Umbrovskis
© copyright: Rolands Umbrovskis

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Gears of Tesla test drive in Odense (video)

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