Throwback June 2015

Throwback” are series of posts about events in previous month. Since there are several smaller events and not all qualify to be posted as separate posts, I decided to create throwback posts. Posts about everything and nothing – texts, illustrations and videos. This is more for myself, but, could be good series of posts for others too.

My throwback June 2015 – exams, my freelance, moving out from my room. … and too much coffee.

Summary from my Facebook pages, Instagram @rolandinsh and YouTube.

Also posted video from our Tesla test drive in May.

1. Exams in Lillebaelt

In June I had exams, so video “I Had to Write an Essay” from “Almost Cool” team was the one, that could describe how to write essay before exams:

I also suggest to look all “Long Story Short” series from them.

I posted more similar funny videos on my Facebook wall with Mr. Bean too:

Also some videos, where I try to explain why some subjects are harder than others:

Including some pictures.


2. Work at / my freelance

In June I had to work too. What a surprise! Was happy to finish project for one of my long-term clients – Borenius Attorneys in Law

During work, also had time to share some funny things about programmers, like

In June I also started hosting webpages with full confidence. Monitoring with newrelic:

3. Moving out from my room

If You did read my before, You know, that I live in student apartment in Odense, where is I had 24 m2 room. Since beginning I was thinking that my room is too big (and expensive). So in April I decided that I wan to move out in summer to smaller place. Fortunately my flat-rate needed bigger room – we simple switched our rooms.

After collecting all broken bulbs, I got the nice picture. Yep, I am full of energy that even in Denmark bulbs fail near me after some time, just like in Latvia. Reason I do not have hand watch.

From my new room, there are some realy good sunrise views. And I made some sunrise time lapse videos:


In my new room I have not only nice sunrise, but also some neigbors:

I also noticed that I started again drink too much coffee. If You don’t know, too much for me is more than 6 liters. Now I try again to stick to 1 liter of coffee per day, if not in mood for tea.

Good #morning! | #rolandinsh #rolandinshcom #coffee #CoffeeWithMilk

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Gears of Throwback June 2015

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