Your bookshelf should be a reflection of all the people whose work you admire

“Your bookshelf should be a reflection of all the people whose work you admire – which, in a sense, creates a “mood board” of who and what you ultimately want to create and become yourself “by Nicolas Cole

while the she had the look of a girl who…

David liked to drop hints to everyone in our group that he had been sleeping with the Texan for the last month, while the Texan had the look of a girl who hadn’t been fucked well in about 30 days.

What Poland, Greece and Denmark want from Germany?

Since living in Denmark, there are several local jokes about Denmark and how Danish people are different from its neighbors.

Be just ugly! (project video)

Remastered video from Lillebaelt Academy’s first study project “Do You yellow”.

Marketing explained in funny way! + video

Just found another extended version about marketing, advertising, public relations and branding. This time marketing explained in funny and polite way.

Ara és l’hora (Saule, Pērkons, Daugava) and Catalonia

One of best Latvian song (Saule, Pērkons, Daugava [English: Sun, Thunder, Daugava (river)]) by Martiņš Brauns now is part of Catalonia (in Spain) politics and diplomacy. I still remember flag, which Francisco had in office. That was the first time when I heard so many things about Catalonia. Ara és l’hora / Saule, Pērkons, Daugava […]

We have a puppy!

Just before New Year’s Eve, we took coal black puppy. For the most difficult – to figure out a suitable word in our mix-Chihuahua (girl). Puppy is already barking and biting the hands.

Coldplay Clocks performed by Melo-M (Live at club Essential)

Sometimes You find that one of my favourite Latvian bands can perform something like this. Awesome!

Adrian Sina – Angel feat. Sandra N. (Music Video)

Thanks again to Greece’s radio-stations on Internet, I found another great song for my play-list while making web pages. Adrian Sina – Angel feat. Sandra N. video

Inna – Hot

feels like dance mood Inna – Hot (True Love Video Edit)

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