Top Five European Destinations for a Romantic Gateway

The most vital part of a holiday trip is to decide the type of benefits you desire to get out of your holiday.

It can be travelling around older cities, enjoying a relaxing time on the beaches or near a lake, just visiting the best attractions of a place with the loved ones or spend some romantic moments with your partner. When it comes to romancing, Europe has plenty of options for a romantic gateway. With so many outstanding natural, historical and cultural attractions, Europe is an extremely popular tourist destination for romantic holidays. Europe has some of the most beautiful locations on earth that are just perfect for the couples going for a honeymoon or to spend some romantic time together. Read full article to find some of the popular romantic destinations in Europe.

6 Haunted Habitations in Europe

The ghosts of Europe reside in medieval castles, ancient manor houses, roadside inns and jails and dungeons. Some venues are home to relatively harmless ghosts, while others are hair-raisingly scary places.

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