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If You like what I do or create, You may donate some money by PayPal. I do my freelance at SimpleMediaCode anyway – I do not rely on donations :) .

Sometimes people feel that they want to give something back – in form of financial contribution. If You have that feeling too about my work, You can do it in 2 ways:

  1. donate by PayPal;
  2. buy me some things from my wishlist * for my hobbies (mostly for my GoPro HERO4 Silver and NIKON D5200 – photo and video).


If You are

  1. business person – recommend my work and refer new customers to or introduce to Your network at LinkedIN;
  2. web developer – contribute to free and open-source projects;
  3. writer – write articles, write for this blog or at Your own how good are things I made for You and how they haled You solve problems;

… or meet and greet me for more inspiration.

* yes, Germany’s Amazon, because I study now in Denmark (moved from Latvia) and it is closer and cheaper than in UK.

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