Beginner’s Guide: How to build an SEO optimized website

One of the major development in the world of web development industry is the SEO. An expert in the field of SEO can be able to make huge money from the business of consulting for a website. It will be possible for you to seek for the service of a SEO expert but there are possibility you will get some who will want to dig the gold out of you. The good thing is that, SEO is something that one can learn to do on your own. You just need to be smart, use the commonest of the senses and be patient with the marketing strategies.

The process of building a website has become very easy nowadays with the accessibility of several free templates and website builders on the internet. The main task remains on making the website come up the the results when people come about searching for something on the internet. The search engine optimization maybe better described as the secret that lies behind an successful online business that maintains a consistent trend. The guidelines below will assist in building an SEO optimized website which will yield good results.

Valid code and and structure

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After writing a valid code for your website, you should test it to see that it is able to meet the set standards. You can use the W3C validator to test for the qualification of the website code. In the writing of your code, remember to include the title tag on all the pages. The content of your website as well as the title should use the active voice which will include giving the characters a preference in the statements.

You should also include a meta description on the home page which will be a short view about the site. The meta description should be very precise on the what the website is about and not give a lot of details. The HTML tags should be used appropriately in order to make the website look good.

You should avoid using frames or images on the headers. If you choose to use an image, make sure to include a an alternate text for the image. This is because, images that contain the alternative text are easily indexed by Google and most of the search engines than those without the alternative text. The URLs should also be made as engine – friendly as possible. This can be easily done by using programs such as WordPress which normally offer a built in function which enables you to change your URLs to the required formats.

Kept up to date by regular posting

After having the right website built, the other task is maintaining the it and attain the SEO. As a way of maintaining the website, it should always be kept up to date by regular posting. This task might be difficult but it is one of the most important one. This is for the purpose of keeping the visitors with fresh posting as well as keep the search engine spiders coming back to the site.

There should also be some pillar articles which should be aimed at reaching to the larger audience. This are the kind of articles which will remain relevant over a long time. You should also link your articles and pages to your own website at all times. It will be of greater help to use the anchor text whenever you do the linking.

Promote Your Web Site

After you have the site all set and after making sure that the website has been kept as active as possible, you should look for ways of promoting the site. Submitting the articles to the search engines will fasten the accessibility of the website. You should start by submitting your website to the giants of the search engine which is the Google. The rest will be to keep the website as interactive and informative as possible.

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