I will speak at WordPress Latvia Meetup (August 2017)

It took long, but finally, I am back in Latvia for some time and also will do something useful, like speak at WordPress Latvia Meetup next week.

WordPress Latvia Meetup (August 2017)


Latvian WordPress community became last years more active and now also have regular meetings in Riga. All previous I couldn’t attend, because either I was in Vejle, Denmark or somewhere between Riga and Vejle.

Entrepreneurship and Freelance

I choose to talk about the topic that I am writing most my assignments in Lillebaelt Academy (Entrepreneurship and Freelancing) and title of the presentation will be “Entrepreneurial freelance with WordPress“.

Basically, I’ll shortly touch about the difference between Freelance and Entrepreneurship and how one can possibly combine these two things as different approaches to business. Mostly this will be a combination of my presentations from Academy with the focus on software development, in this case – WordPress.

I am doing full-time freelance since 2008 and only from 2012, I started turning it into entrepreneurial business. It’s fun and bumpy ride and worth to take. I’ll share also some parts of this ride.

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