Looks like the days of unlimited Copy.com referral bonuses are long gone.

Look like copy.com has silently changed their referral policy and now You can’t get more than 40 GB (earn 5 GB, for a maximum of 25 GB) of free space by referring friends.

UPDATE: service is discontinued :(

I was lucky to get more than that for my freelancers account, but since moved to “internet only” file storage for personal files, cloud space became essential.

copy.com new limits

This also requires to change strategy on referral new users to copy.com;

Anyway, here is link to my referral https://copy.com?r=1SKtNm You can still get Your extra 5 GB;

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Hello Roland,
I have given the link of “COPY.com” to two friends, but I cannot find where are my bonus. It is still written 15 GB. Do you know if it takes a long time before it show, or what should I do to activate it ? Thank you for your help.

Rolands Umbrovskis


did You activated it on unique device? Only than bonus is counted in. OR maybe some changes in COPY.COM policy/TOS.



No guys. It still works. Pls use this referral link: https://copy.com?r=GsIoiq?utm_source=rolandinsh.com You will get 20GB storage space (5GB bonus, on top of the direct signup with 15GB space).



But you can only get the 5 GB for the first 5 referrals right?

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