Make Money Off Your Freelance Blog Without Driving Clients Away

Let us start with three fundamental truths:

  1. Having more money is awesome;
  2. Advertising is an effective way of getting more money;
  3. Most people hate advertising, and will result in them running away screaming and/or cursing;

And yet, you have a freelance blog and you’d really like to bring in some extra cash. How can you do this without alienating clients and readers? Is it truly possible to monetize your blog without resorting to online ads? Here are four ways that you can make money from your blog.

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Paid Posting

There are a number of paid posting sites out there that will connect you with clients who want blog posts and are willing to pay for them. Of course, you just can’t copy an entry from your regular blog and send it to them as original material, but if you’ve already done the work and research for a blog, you can certainly repurpose the materials and create an entirely new, original posting that a business may eagerly snap up and pay you for it!

Affiliate Programs

This is not advertising per se, but it’s getting awfully close. You’re definitely not slapping up obnoxious ads that make people instinctively flinch and run away. Instead, you’re working with a company and providing a link from your blog back to their site. If someone buys something off the company’s site, you get a cut. A quick search of affiliate programs will yield a nice crop of potential partners. This is about as close as you can get to advertising and yet keep your soul.


Here’s an option that won’t be feasible until you’ve blogged for a while. If you’ve developed a name for yourself as an entertaining blogger, what’s to stop you from compiling a “best of” collection and selling it an e-book? Besides, which blogger’s ego wouldn’t be puffed out a bit with the knowledge that they crossed over into book publishing? If anything, it’s certainly a notable accomplishment. And who knows where you can take it from there? Perhaps you may end up publishing an actual book version of your blog post collection!

Exclusive Subscriptions

Like e-books, this is another option that’s best used after people have heard of you and like what you write. First of all, keep this in mind: you’d be surprised just how devoted a following you can get if you’re good enough. If people love your blog, they just can’t get enough. So, offer them more, and in a way that makes them feel special: an exclusive subscription. Try offering extra materials, or stuff that can only be read if they sign up. Granted this, won’t work for everyone, and again, you need to make to demonstrate that your stuff is worth it, but if you get to that plateau, charging a small subscription fee for the good stuff can totally work out.

But Remember … 

Don’t expect to sit down, throw together a blog, and sit back while your bank account swells with the funds from devoted groupies. There are a metric buttload* of blogs out there, and you have to distinguish yourself from the masses by posting interesting and engaging material and cultivate a following. Only then can you leverage this popularity and incorporate the above ideas.

Write on, and good luck!

* A well-established unit of measure just made up.

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