8 videos from pitch session at Startup Slalom + Startup Wise Guys B2B hackathon (Riga, Latvia; August 2017)

Around one month ago at TechHub Riga event, I met old team mate Ronalds from previous Garage48 hackathons and he told about “Startup Slalom+ Startup Wise Guys Hackathon” and invited to join the event and maybe even be again on the same team. I said yes to the event. And we were… And we won! More about that at rolands.eu blog “FOODY mobile app & victory at Startup Slalom Hackathon & 1 000 EUR prize“. Even if I am not part of team anymore (we were 8, meaning too many people and my role overlaps with marketing and backend development) I did re-invest “my share” from 1 000 EUR in app because I still like it.

Foody team. Riga, Latvia.

Foody team. Riga, Latvia.

But I am very often asked to give some advice about startups and freelance, even if I do not consider myself as start-up expert at all, but at TechHub Riga events. Somehow I learned to ask nasty questions about business model(s) and cash flow, research and “did you Google it?” with “there is an app for that already” and so on… That was useful during my active studies in Vejle (Denmark), where dusting out Innovation and Entrepreneurship lecture we had to create business prototypes, develop and research business ideas in practice.

8 videos from Startup Slalom + Startup Wise Guys B2B hackathon in Riga

This time I decided to film pitch session and here it is (missing only 2 videos). All videos You can find on my YouTube’s Playlist “8 videos from Startup Slalom + Startup Wise Guys B2B hackathon | August 18-20, 2017” or at Facebook Video album “Startup Slalom + Startup Wise Guys B2B Hackathon in RTU on 2017-08-18

What was Startup Slalom + Startup Wise Guys “B2B, SaaS” hackathon?

Participiants at Startup Slalom + Startup Wise Guys. Riga, Latvia. August 2017.

Participiants at Startup Slalom + Startup Wise Guys. Riga, Latvia. August 2017.

From August 18 – 20, RTU Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunication hosted the first ‘Startup Slalom’ + ‘Startup Wise Guys’ hackathon organised by The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia – LIAA (Latvijas Investīciju un attīstības aģentūra) in cooperation with Latvian Startup Association Startin.LV and the largest “business-to-business” European accelerator programme Startup Wise Guys. The theme of the hackathon was B2B software as a service (SaaS).

The main prize was 1000 EUR from our great supporter Squalio that was given to Foody.

The aim of the event was to encourage IT professionals, marketing and design experts as well as representatives of other industries to take a chance on creating new and innovative ideas together with other enthusiasts. Cooperation with ‘Startup Wise Guys’ brings in the experienced and charismatic Jernej Dekleva in the role of moderator of the hackathon.

And here are all videos in the order they were presented.

“Your Face” pitch

Use face as recognition “tool” and identity check. This was funny, but not for me.

“Crowd Logistix” pitch

Uber type of logistics for private users. I heard a similar idea in Denmark and it failed. But never say never. There is always better pitch or right time, place and crowd.

“Fudi” (Foody as winner) pitch

App that helps check food ingredients and get more information about all these E. I joined team, because a few years ago with Ronalds ( the same guy I mentioned in beginning) we were in the team about same technology, but different industry – printed magazines. While I still see that idea as viable even if the similar apps, I had a lot of ideas how to expand… and that’s the reason I joined this team, not because of healthy food but the tech behind it. After winning I decided to drop out, but leave my part of money inside team for development.

“Brandy” pitch

To fight with counterfitting issues.

Customer reward pitch

Never ending customer reward programmes, but there are some apps that made their way. Why not try?

Cheap flights + Local services pitch

An app that offers a package of local services for foreigners who are buying (cheap) flight tickets.

Go local (SEO) pitch

“Go local” directory submitter “script” that help companies with local SEO issues.

How to find us pitch

“How to find us pitch” ala Google streetview

And that all… Which pitch did You love most?

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