SEO Tips on How to rank higher in Google

The recent changes in the search engines have doubled the work of SEOs by adding pressure on rankings websites. Today there are millions of websites hungry for attention and Google has thus been divided into 6-7 search engines, which simplifies the process of searching for its users. However, an impact analysis directs at the fact that this restructuring has opened the gate for better display of websites coupled with better viewing and a better interface. So how you going to make the best of this search engine revolution?

SEO Tips how to rank higher in Google

Take a look at these 5 tips to get stupendous SEO rankings:

1. Productive Keywords

Generating keywords that are going to attract users is the best way to keep abreast in the pool of websites. Be on a lookout for keyword phrases, optimal keywords, sampling of keywords etc. This is also a great way to attract readers for article marketing on your websites. Remember that people usually look for keywords rather than the entire article.

2. Freshness of Content

Most websites start out great, but lose traction over time. This is mainly because although they have capacity to attract consumers initially with content, they forget to update material and replace stale stock over a period of time. Remember how newspapers work? The logic is quite the same. A new article published on your website may receive higher rankings for a week, and then Google is going to stop showcasing you in the searches since it is also looking to provide fresh stock.

3. Title Tag

These are targeted key words that help optimize Google searches. These appear on the top left side of the browser. Google uses the title tag extensively for SEOs. Amplifying these will generate quite a bit of traffic and rankings your way.

4. Track Traffic

Although this can be done only once a month, this is a slightly time consuming method to gauge the popularity of your website, however, it is also a sure-shot method. Comparing stats from the previous month will tell you how to improve on your website campaigning.

5. Quality Backlinks

Obtain links from outside sites. The more links you make the better it is for you. Pick sites that are already linked, since this will be like a chain reaction for you benefitting your website. You could even try using the Google Ranking System; PageRank. It is a downloadable tool. Although, don’t rely solely on PageRank to determine the worth of your webpages.

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These are the must-haves in your SEO checklist. Never slack in providing content and constantly updating and revising what you have already done. Remember, everything is stale after a certain period of time. Secondly, for the newbie in the website market, do take it easy. Even the best tips will take time to work and it may take months before you begin seeing results.

Once you cross these barriers you will have already begun influencing the Google rankings and achieving remarkable results. Thus, attaining ‘link popularity‘ should be your ultimate goal.

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