Mind map of project in Lillebaelt Academy. Time lapse video.

This week at Lillebaelt Academy we have project week. During project writing we also were using mind mapping method to write out report. I did my part on laptop. Since we were in room with whiteboard, why not use it. At some point Dominik got markers and created mind map of his part. Photo camera was with me, why not do some documentation in visual form.

Mind Map of our project

Video could be longed, but sound of “click” started to annoy me after few minutes as we were in small room and I wanted to more focus on internal communication part in project.

Dominik at whiteboard in Lillebaelt Academy

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aperture: 4
Exposure Time: 10/200
focal length: 26
shutter speed: 0.05
created: 2014-11-04 11:53:28

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Gears of Mind map of project in Lillebaelt Academy. Time lapse video.

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