freelance startup

In July 2015, back with new content and media company

After few years of working with media, time to create my own

5 Lessons on Business Startup Success

No one ever said starting a business was easy. In fact, most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that establishing your own business will take years of hard work, and quite possibly end in failure. However, those same successful people have sage advice for those brave enough to do it anyway. The challenges are significant, but the rewards can be incredible.

First steps to expand freelance company

As mentioned before, I decided not only start write again in English, but extend geography of provided services to European web service markets. Today made firsts steps and sent text to European “local agents”. Hope to extend this network in future. What I like most about my freelance work – I don’t have portfolio. I […]

Starting freelance blog! Again!

After some success with Latvian freelancer blog, I decided, to translate some posts in English too. End just like with my Freelance-company site, will write in both languages: English. There are some thing which I don’t think to for my web development blog, so I’ll write them here. Hope You will like it!  

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