Sigur Rós

Two Interesting Summer beach festivals in Latvia

In Latvia during summer there are some interesting festivals, which tourists could attend. 2 Festivals near Baltic see in Latvia Summer Sound festival in Liepāja Summer Sound Liepaja first happened on July 22 and 23, 2011. Despite storm, rain and lightning, festival went well, and about 20 000 people were enjoying two days of music, […]

WHITE NIGHT 2008 in Riga

Yesterday with my girlfriend we went to “White night”* in Riga. As we haven’t been for long time visiting any cultural events. From wide program, we went to just few. Like IDM music (at “Spīķeri”), tram of fairy tales and Sigur Ros movie “Heima”. For me important was to visit places where I haven’t been, like RIXC and “Spīķeri”.

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