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Semester 2 started with trial exam

This time about Lillebaelt Academy’s exams, presentation and ESN Odense Walking Tour.

Beautiful time lapse video about Latvia

Found another great time lapse video on Vimeo made by Latvian enthusiasts about Latvia. Video in a nice way show my country!

Morning in Moorland. Video about Ķemeri National Park in Latvia

One of places I visited very often in last years – Ķemeri National Park. This autums Eaglewood Films madeshort beautiful video about that place in Latvia.

Two Interesting Summer beach festivals in Latvia

In Latvia during summer there are some interesting festivals, which tourists could attend. 2 Festivals near Baltic see in Latvia Summer Sound festival in Liepāja Summer Sound Liepaja first happened on July 22 and 23, 2011. Despite storm, rain and lightning, festival went well, and about 20 000 people were enjoying two days of music, […]

House in Athens, Greece

Nice blue and white house in Athens under Acropolis during our trip to Greece.

A Travel Guide to Rotterdam

Rotterdam is one of the largest cities in the Netherlands and is one of fascinating history, culture, art and entertainment. It is also the largest port in the world for the amount of shipping it deals with every year, surpassing even New York.

Spending 9 days without economic crisis. Travel to Greece.

In beginning of May with my girlfriend we went to Athens, Greece, where spend our vacations. Only after coming back we found out, that during vacation travel to Greece, we haven’t spoke about economic crisis. Only during guided tour to Meteora (Kalambaka, Greece) our guide aware us about “poor people with soft hands”. But in Greece I noticed difference between “poor people”: while in Greece they are trying to sell You some little things, in Latvia don’t, just begging.

Weekend trip to Hansa-city Bremen

We decided to use that moment when the days of cheap airfares and go to Bremen to enjoy last autumn days.

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