Guest posting. So easy to mess it up!

Time after time I like to publish some guest posts. But lately… I am VERY selective about authors as they tend to over-promise and under-deliver. If you have real intention give me 5 ideas (or more as you intended to do more than 1 post) that you would like to post. Reason simple: authors do not deliver after post and even do not promote their own articles…

Let’s start vlog! [2017-W01 / 001]

In the end of 2014 I said that I want to make videoblogs. I never did in English. So, let’s start vlog! Back in June 2016, I said that I’ll restart my vlogging. Only then I didn’t know that I’ll return to Denmark and will start study again. Better later than never. And… video monetization is switched OFF!

SEO: Way to get killer traffic from Pinterest

Nowadays it seems everyone is getting loads of traffic from Pinterest. Have you ever wondered how they get so much traffic? If you are not among them then you are not using the social network correctly or not using it at all. You need to apply some well-researched strategies to get the desired results. This article focuses on the things that you need to do before you start getting heavy traffic from Pinterest. We are sure that if you follow these tips diligently then you will also get traffic from Pinterest.

Make Money Off Your Freelance Blog Without Driving Clients Away

You have a freelance blog and you’d really like to bring in some extra cash. How can you do this without alienating clients and readers? Is it truly possible to monetize your blog without resorting to online ads? Here are four ways that you can make money from your blog.

Discontinuing Guest posts. Experiment is over. Results.

Today I am discontinuing accept guest posts. The reason for this change is that Google’s most recent algorithm changes, Panda and Penguin, are largely cracking down on paid back links. And since guest posting is very gray area when it comes to the backlinks in the content (what we do not allow anyway), I do […]

Write for us! Inviting guest bloggers!

After 1 year of silence and total lack of time for my blogs, I decide to invite someone who would like to contribute to `rolandinsh` blogs. I have good experience with my web development blog, so why not use my not-anymore-personal blog for same usage.

From Personal to Professional Blogging

It took just 1 week to decide, that I have nothing left to say about my personal life. If I can make 3 number passive income per month from empty blog, why not start to write?

Blog or not to blog!

While I have several blogs in Latvian, I still need time to find my way to English readers. This is hard! Because I need to find time between my freelance business at, and family.

Social activism! NGO and blogging in Latvia.

With all Internet development in Latvia, some days ago I trough about meaning of “social activism“. If it would be connected with Internet, we could say it means to post comments on blogs and about happenings around (for example, in news). It become more easier when You have Your own blog.

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