Flying next to the pilot. Entertainmets in Ādaži airfield (Latvia)

It was a nice day when born idea to fly with private planes during “ĀDAŽU KAUSS 2010” (ĀDAŽU CUP 2010). Just two hours later we were in Ādaži airfield, where in that time was air show.

airplanes on airfield in Ādaži

airplanes on airfield in Ādaži

By that time it was already going to end and we had chance to get on board (pilot’s cabin) :) While we were waiting for end of show, last contestants showed what they can: nosedive, free fall and much more.

free fall by airplane


Some photos near planes…

Near airplane in Adazi

And we were flaying!

This was my first time flying with private planes. And now I now, that we will do this again

Most probably pictures and video would be more, but somehow that wasn’t in first place. We were so excited.

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Gears of Flying next to the pilot. Entertainmets in Ādaži airfield (Latvia)

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