Going by bicycle for Spring riding

Since early years I like go by bicycle everywhere. In school I was even in bicycle-sport team till high-school classes. And after school, when I start to thinking about job and making money, I was working as bicycle messenger… So now every Spring, as the weather warms and the days lengthen, I’m taking my bicycle out from basement and going to shorter or longer tours by bicycle in Latvia. Cycling is a great way to exercise for my “Winter tires“:) As last years I’m living near Riga (by moving out from Riga) in Upeslejas – village in Stopiņi municipality, near Mazā Jugla river, my way to Riga is most by bicycle and it’s only some 10-15km.

MTB bicycles near Mazā Jugla in Latvia

MTB bicycles near Mazā Jugla in Latvia

From Upeslejas and Saurieši (nearest village) to Riga there are only partial bicycle routes: some in Ulbroka (bigger village near Riga) and then only starting from city border of Riga, near Dreiliņi.

And last weekend with my girlfriend we went out for our first Spring riding in 2010. First day was just for testing bikes, so we went only to Ulbroka. In Ulbroka we ate at Armenian kitchen (latvian: Armēņu virtuve) and then bact to home.As we were little bit bored by our traditional way near road, we took off-road way back to home. It was worth that. Deeper in wood we discovered another village (Jaunsuši). And then going with no clue further, keeping way to home direction.

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