WHITE NIGHT 2008 in Riga

Yesterday with my girlfriend we went to “White night”* in Riga. As we haven’t been for long time visiting any cultural events. From wide program, we went to just few. Like IDM music (at “Spīķeri”), tram of fairy tales and Sigur Ros movie “Heima”. For me important was to visit places where I haven’t been, like RIXC and “Spīķeri“.

It was raining and cold, so we miss some events. Still, we started RIXC, where we could listen to Universe. :)

European white nights at RIXC

While idea is great, we couldn’t stay so long to listen, because it was like listening to old radio with no tuned station on it. But still. I like idea, because it shows multimedia can collaborate with science.

European white nights at RIXC

“Heima” movie by Sigur Rós

Next stop point was Sigur Rós movie “Heima” in Vērmanes garden. Actually I haven’t seen so much as I would like… because it was raining (again). We watched just some 10 minutes, then we left.

Tram “God”

Like next stop, if we can say so, was tram “Tram vertical route: God. Nature. Work” with special “White Night 2008″ connection. The idea came from last year (2007) to give the public transport, in this case the tram, an added value.

baltanakts.lv: “Special festive trams will be put on the route thus marking some fundamental topics of human existence, which this time are taken from the title of the well-known trilogy by the Latvian writer Anna Brigadere − God. Nature. Work.

It was last tram. So our was “God”! :)

European white nights. Tram GOD

baltanakts.lv : “The tram is turned into a spiritual sanctuary. Everybody has its inner faith and feeling that makes one believe in oneself and search one’s own spiritual paths. The space that inspires oneself to self-confidence, to love towards other people, that marks one’s individual uniqueness, advocates tolerance and intellectual strength. “

Circus Night in Arkādija

With tram came to Arkādijas park. As we came just 15 minutes before event is closing there, we miss “Circus Night in Arkādija” with puppet and circus show. Nothing left to do, just turn back to center. To Spīķeri.


By visiting “Pink house”, near Spīķeri, I wanted to see some special pig in it. (Story about pig will come later in some other post.)

IDM “dance floor”.

VIDEOGRAPHY III: SPACE TEXTURES – Concert with the participation of German, Japanese, Lithuanian and Latvia visual, video and audio artists. Most of all, whom I saw, I liked Dj Brain & Cliché

Project “European white nights
is a public event free of charge that invites to discover (again) and capture the city environment (again) with the help of contemporary culture.

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