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We are always looking for experienced writers who can write good original quality posts on rolandinsh.com blogs about:

This blog is for

  • web developers, Internet entrepreneurs and small/middle size business owners, who are looking for guidance and tips, how to improve their on-line presence (also look in SimpleMediaCode.INFO);
  • travelers and backpackers;
  • students, educational organizations;

If You have a good story to share, write for us.

Criteria for Posts

  1. At least 700 words, good written in English. For good content word count could be less, but not less than 500.
  2. It must be unique and not published on 100 other blogs, including your own blog (no one will benefit from duplicated content anyway?); We (Rolands Umbrovskis and editors of rolandinsh.com) keep rights to remove any authority information (including links to authors page (if any)) and rewrite article IF it  breaks someone’s copyrights or  is spinned article!
    Thanks for input in copy-paste generation. Period!
  3. Write article not news post.
  4. Interact with the comments received on the article!;
  5. Links. This is not link building place! But it’s allowed to used links in posts, but not more than 1 per domain and not more than 5 (proper use) per post (Up to 1 link per 230 words (including author’s by-line)); Read more “Why Guest Blogging is Useless for Link Building“. Credit trusted source(s) (proper use);
  6. Images: You may use Your own or any other with credits and no copyright violence and allowed for commercial use (!) and changes (since our web site’s CMS will crop them);
  7. No affiliate links allowed;
  8. Articles which can bring harm, sensitivity, racial is not allowed.
  9. And information about author: name, surname, image (otherwise Gravatar will be used), bio/description, link to webpage (or Twitter, Facebook, Google+,…). Register Your Gravatar!

Some things to not forget

Long story short: play nice and we will be happy to publish Your or Your company’s story.

  1. Might happen that time after time this article text could be altered (some keywords), but we will never remove any link (unless it’s spammy or is against rules above).
  2. Optional: Author agree that Your article can be translated in other languages (example: Latvian, Danish, Russian, … and other where `rolandinsh` is/will be “in market”.)
  3. If we discover other copy or closely altered article (known as “article distribution”), we may take Your article out of our blog and/or non-indexable by search engines.

What guest blogger get!?

  1. Free promotion :) across all our business related network.
  2. Your name will appear in our article twice: in beginning of post and in and of post with image and bio/description.
  3. Your name will be also added in our RSS feed :)
  4. All posts are showing up on `rolandinsh`’s social media profiles and pages, as well as on Umbrovskis profiles.

How to apply and be published?

  1. By direct e-mail to info @ rolandinsh.com, with title “guest blogger article“;
  2. Contact form: rolandinsh.com/contacts/

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